How To Remove Wax From Carpet

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Unlike most stains, which can be easily removed with the help of conventional methods, removing wax from carpets is actually a job that will require more work.

Now, there will be plenty of opportunities for wax to get on your carpet:

birthdays, anniversaries, romantic dinners…the question is, how will you remove it from your carpet in case of an unfortunate accident?

Find out how to remove candle wax from carpets using the following techniques:

The Icing Method

Removing wax from carpets is actually quite fun (although don’t turn it into a hobby). First off, what you need to do is freeze the wax completely. As soon as the wax will hit the floor, it will settle in an adjust to the room temperature, solidifying in the process. This is not enough, you need to make sure it’s rock hard and cold.

There will be plenty of opportunities for wax to get on your carpet…

For this purpose, you could use some ice cube bags and wrap them around the area where the wax fell off. Leave them there for a few minutes and when you take them off, you should notice that the wax is now completely hard.

Use a blunt object to crack the icy wax open, then pick up your vacuum. Slowly go over the debris, cleaning the wax particles off the carpet.

If there are still some small bits of wax left, you might want to try to scrape it off. Just make sure you use a blunt-edge tool to do so and not a sharp object like a knife or a pair of scissors. These can really harm the fiber of your carpet and you will probably be doing more harm than good this way.

The Scraping Method

Icing the wax isn’t the only method to remove it. Scraping is also effective, but you’ll need some stuff to work with first:

  • Alcohol
  • Clean Rags
  • Irons
  • Rolls of paper
  • Putty knife
  • Sponges

First off, start scraping the place on your carpet where the wax fell and try to get the bigger chunks out of the way. Place a sheet of paper on top of the remaining wax then gently sweep a hot iron across the paper, until you feel the wax melting and attaching itself to the paper.

Lifting the paper off the carpet should also pull out the wax in one clean sweep. There is a possibility however that a small stain will remain, in which case you’ll want to use some alcohol on the spot to clean it up.

Wax Removing Products

Sometimes when you are trying to get wax out of carpet it will get soft and spread more than chip away. One product the pros use is a freeze spray for carpet. This will instantly freeze the wax and make it much easier to remove.

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