How To Get Gum Out Of Carpet Like A Pro

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Anyone with kids knows that candy and gum are hard to control. Between the holiday goodies bag and grandparents, kids end up with gum and candy. It’s a sticky situation. Before you know it, those sweets end up in the carpet. But don’t freak out too bad. Once you know how to get gum out of carpeting, life will get easier!

How To Get Gum Out Of Carpeting Fast!

The #1 thing to do to get gum out of carpeting is to cool it down. In fact, freezing it is the best. Go grab a couple of ice cubes and cover the gum with them.

Once the gum has gotten hard, simply chip away the excess gum with a spoon. Carefully pick up the frozen chucks of gum and throw them away.

You may notice that while you are removing the gum from the carpet, that the frozen gum will begin to thaw out and get sticky again. Simply reapply the ice until it’s frozen again and continue chipping it away.

How The Pros Get Gum Out Of Carpeting

While the ice method works pretty well, carpet cleaning pros have some other tricks up our sleeves that can speed up the process.

Gum removing spray is handy to keep around. Considering how inexpensive it is, every household should have some. But the pros always have it. (At least the good ones)

This spray comes out very cold. When applied to gum or candy in carpeting, it quickly hardens the goo and makes it possible to instantly chip away the mess.

Respraying takes a quick second when needed and it leaves no residue.

Other Ways To Remove Gum From Carpeting

There are other ways to remove gum from carpeting. Products that will dissolve the gum can work also. Keep in mind though, these will require some rinsing. Because they turn the gum into a liquid, they will soak into the carpet. They will still be sticky and the residue that is left will result in a spot.

If you use a liquid gum remover, use as little as possible to remove the gum. Dab the area with a cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible. Once you have as much as possible removed with the cloth, soak the area afterward with water and use a clean cloth to absorb more. You may need to use a carpet cleaning machine to rinse the area completely.

When To Call For Help

Under no circumstances should you break out the scissors or knife. Cutting gum out of carpet is a very tricky task. You can ruin an entire room of carpeting with a couple of snips. Don’t take the chance. Call a professional. They deal with these things all the time.

Trust me, there is nothing worse than having to look at a stain everyday that a few dollars would have easily fixed.

Using the right methods and products to attack the problem will make it quick and easy to remove gum from carpeting.

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