How To Clean Carpet Without A Machine

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Keeping carpets clean is a challenge. Especially when you have kids, pets and spouses. Many people think that the only ways to really get carpet clean is to hire a carpet cleaning company or rent a carpet cleaning machine. While these are good options, if you take a few simple steps, you won’t ever need them. Keeping clean carpet without a machine is possible.

5 Steps To Clean Carpets Without A Machine

Vacuum Your Carpets

The most important step in taking care of your carpet is to use a good vacuum cleaner often. You cannot vacuum your carpet enough. Carpet is an air filter. It traps and hold dust and dirt. When you vacuum them, that dirt is captured.

If it is not removed, dust and dirt get ground deep into the carpet. There it becomes much more difficult to remove.

Another reason to vacuum is that the dust and dirt can quickly become stains when liquid is spilled. As you know, dust and dirt mixed with water become mud.

Knowing the best way to vacuum carpet is also important. Make sure to cover the entire carpeted area by using long sweeping paths.

Removing Stains

Carpet stains happen. It is just what happens. But, if you can address the stain quickly and properly, it won’t linger. Using less water or chemical to remove ┬áspills will keep a small, simple stain from becoming a large, lingering spot.

Staying on top of carpet stains will help keep you from needing a to clean with a carpet cleaning machine.

Stopping Dirt At The Door

Most dirt is tracked in through the door. Some will blow in through open windows and the occasional spill, but doors are the main source.

Having good rugs and not wearing shoes in the house will go a long way to stopping dirt from entering. With less dirt, it will be much easier to maintain the cleanliness of carpeting.


At some point, it will probably make sense to have your carpets cleaned. But by following these simple steps, you can go much longer before it’s necessary. Getting and keeping clean carpets without a machine just takes a little more work, but it does free up a weekend or 2 throughout the year!


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